Ashford Pick Up Sticks




Add texture and visual appeal to weaving. Pick up threads behind your heddle with the pickup sticks to create different sheds. Solid natural Silver Beech timber.

Available in 8 sizes
277, 367, 415, 440, 567, 640, 767 and 840mm (11, 14, 16, 17, 22, 25, 30 and 33ins)
Pickup stick width 35mm (1⅜in)

Natural timber finish.

Additional information


277mm – Suitable for Sampleit Loom 25cm, 367mm – Suitable for Knitters Loom 30cm, 415mm – Suitable for Sampleit Loom 40cm, 440mm – Suitable for Rigid Heddle 40cm, 567mm – Suitable for Knitters Loom 50cm, 640mm – Suitable for Rigid Heddle 60cm, 767cm – Suitable for Knitters Loom 70cm, 840mm – Suitable for Rigid Heddle 80cm


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